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the EXPERIENCE Ministry Inc.

Creating FISHERMEN FOR CHRIST Matt. 4:19

The biggest adventure you can take is living the life of your dreams!

Oprah Winfrey

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the EXPERIENCE is a ministry dedicated to training youth on how to utilize their God given creative gifts to "FISH FOR OTHERS". We create platforms for youth to showcase their gifts, allowing them to change their negative energy into positive energy via their creative gifts.

Concentrating on Music, Arts, Drama and Dance the youth/young adults are trained by instructors who have mastered each discipline.

the Experience meets on 2nd and 4th Saturdays to prepare for shows and events. These meetings are fun filled and energizing!

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Brandon C. Jackson  aka "The Unspoken Word"


At the age of 15 in 2012 Brandon started the first mime team in Savannah, Ga at Second St. John Baptist Church.  This team was started with the idea of giving young boys with a gift of dance, a reason to come into the church out of the streets. These gifted youth would be given opportunities to utilize their creative gift of dance to uplift others.
Brandon has been a Mime since he was 9 years old under the mime name  "The Unspoken Word". Due to his quiet demeanor and mild-mannered disposition, mime seemed to be the catalyst he needed to help him reach other youth.
He received his training under the dynamic Gospel Warriors.
He is credited with starting several groups throughout the state of Ga. as well as leading his team to open for various Gospel artists.
Now at the age of 24 years old. He has been given the keys to lead and make decisions for The Experience Ministry.
He is dedicated to the ministry of the creative arts as a tool to bring in others for kingdom.

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Lajuantia Logan AKA Mz. Tia

Mime Coordinator

Mz. Tia is the lead coordinator for the Mime section of the Experience Ministry. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is gifted with a creative ability that attracts youth and young adults to do their best in whatever they choose to do.
She has been with the EXPERIENCE for over 7 years and has become a huge part of it's kingdom reaching ability.

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Kennedy Johnson

Liturgical Dance Coordinator

Kennedy Johnson has been connected with the Experience for over 6 years. For the past year, she has been serving as the Liturgical Dance Coordinator.
She has been dancing for over 14 years and enjoys every bit of it.
With a Master's Degree in Sociology, her skills with society and its effects on human behaviour give her an edge on dealing with the youth and the effects that dance can have on their behaviour.

Min. Joshua Lewis

Min. Joshua Lewis

Flag Coordinator

Minister Joshua Lewis has been with the Experience for about a year. He started Flagging in 2018. His life is dedicated to training youth on the importance of worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.

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DJ Jackson

Drama Coordinator

DJ Jackson has been with the EXPERIENCE since the start-up in 2012. He started off as a mime and now he's the Drama Coordinator. He has been acting in local plays and films for over 10 years. His energetic, fun, and engaging personality is a plus for the EXPERIENCE ministry.

Music, Arts, Drama, Dance

the EXPERIENCE Services

Need a boost to your Creative Worship Ministry or want to start a Mime/Dance team? We have the workshops that will guarantee to get you started or refresh what you already have.

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Student Ministry Parties


DJ PLUSH and his Furry friends will put the energy back into your student ministries. He brings giveaways friends and the option of Popcorn, Snowcone, and Cotton Candy machines.


What They’re Saying

We LOVE our Community, Pastors, Volunteers, Parents, and Team members. Please see below their feedback about their experiences with the EXPERIENCE.

Ms. Jenease Horsted Volunteer

Ms. Jenease Horsted, Volunteer

"Being a part of the EXPERIENCE has been such a blessing. As a single parent, it has always been a prayer of mine for my son to have men of GOD to look up to. God answered that prayer and added to it! Little did I know that HE would also answer one of my unspoken prayers, I started out just dropping my son off at practice, leaving, then coming back to pick him up. When the EXPERIENCE leadership talked to me about volunteering, I was skeptical because of my own issues, but I gave my yes! And I'm so glad I did! Being able to serve and be a part of the EXPERIENCE family has definitely added to my life!"