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Unspoken Word Mime  Conference


The Unspoken Word is the Mime name for Brandon C. Jackson. Brandon is the leader and founder of the EXPERIENCE Ministry. Before there was the EXPERIENCE, there was the Unspoken Word! Brandon started Miming at the age of 9.  He started Mime as a way to become active in the church that his father was Pastoring. 

He's now 25 and working hard to reach youth with the gift of dance and allow them an opportunity to utilize that gift to bring God glory.

The Unspoken Word Mime Conference is dedicated to teaching what Mime is about. It offers a solid introduction to the basics of Mime by instructing students in the fundamental principles and techniques of the art.

Join the next conference and meet other Mime Artist and build long-lasting relationships. If you are looking to start Miming or looking to perfect your gift this is the conference for you.

Join us for an exciting weekend with the Unspoken Word Mime Conference! It will be Powerful, Encouraging, and Empowering!  Connect with us to receive updates on the upcoming Unspoken Word Mime Conference

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