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"Let's Go Fishing" Chronicles

Let's Build Youth Ministries Together

Derwin R. Jackson Sr. has been in the business of youth ministry for over 30 years, holding positions with the Boys and Girls Clubs, being a DARE officer for the GBI, and holding positions as a Youth Director for various organizations his life is dedicated to serving our youth and helping others to understand the importance of youth in this world.


It is so easy to ignore our youth today. Most of them will act out in negative ways to just get the attention of parents, friends, etc.  Youth are looking for consistency, genuine love, and stability.

We are here to help Pastors and Youth Directors build thriving and exciting Student Ministries. We have proven success throughout the community.


Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.

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