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  • The Unspoken Word "POWER" Creative Worshipping Arts Conference 23
    Aug 18, 6:00 PM – Aug 21, 8:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    An atmosphere that will be created as soon as the first prayer is prayed and the first dance is danced! Come EXPERIENCE the POWER that is created just from allowing God to use you via the anointed gift that he has given you.

Join us!

God definately has his hands on this ministry! This ia not only a great ministry to the YOUTH to grow and develope in Christ, but this is a ministry that helps YOUTH Leaders become even better and more alert on things when it comes to the YOUTH.....

Min. M Augusta, Ga.

I just want to thank the Experience leaders and DRJ Ministries Inc. for not only caring about my son's gift but his soul and his relationship with God.....

Jenease H. Augusta, Ga.

Pastor Jackson is equipped with the knowledge and methods needed now and for our future generations.

Quintanna S. Augusta, Ga.

They are a Great Ministry, especially for the youth and they work so well with them....

Terean M.

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