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Tips On Running A Successful Student Ministry

  1. Know your Pastor's Vision

Your Pastor's vision for the church is very important to your success for your youth ministry. You must make sure that your vision is directly connected to his or her vision.

Knowing the vision and the heart of your pastor will lead to a guide for you to follow. In Habakkuk 2:2 it tells you, in short, to get the written vision and run with it. Also asking yourself some serious questions as to exactly "what does success means to you".

Like does success for you include goals such as or not limited to:

  • How many kids are brought to Christ at the desired time

  • How many kids are in attendance at any one time

  • Number of youth events

2. Invest in your own personal development

No one knows everything. The world is constantly changing and kids are no different. Make sure you continue to do your daily devotions and stay abreast of new trends dealing with youth. Read blogs and articles pertaining to youth ministry.

Broaden your scope of knowledge. Below are some things you could do to help you stay the course.

  • Understanding what you are great at is the key to your future development personally and professionally

  • Focusing on a plan will help you accomplish your goals

  • Utilize your time wisely!

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