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Raising Up The Next Generation: Excerpts From the "A Guide to Building A vibrant Youth Ministry"

Student Ministries have taken a hit from the latest COVID 19 pandemic, with churches being on lockdown, schools and businesses closing, we were uncertain as to the way of our new normal.

Now post pandemic it's a green light to start back engaging our students and rebuilding our student ministries.

Here's three tips to help rebuild your Student Ministries :

  1. Create a welcoming environment

  2. Offer engaging activities

  3. Foster meaningful connections

Providing a safe, fun, and energetic environment for your students is the way to have a vibrant growing Student Ministry. This should include:

  1. An inviting space

  2. Energetic youth leaders

  3. Great spiritual, meaningful and supportive content.

The above three tips will surely get your students coming back and they will bring friends. Stay tuned for the continuation of this blog in the weeks to come!

Your youth leaders can learn more from Pastor Jackson by attending a workshop where he will teach his proven "Fishing Strategies" that's guaranteed to energize your youth leaders and get students to come be a part of your ever growing student ministries.


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