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Youth Ministry Volunteers Require Bait too!

A STRONG Student Ministries will require STRONG volunteers. Below are some tips that will help you when recruiting volunteers for your Student Ministries.

When we first started the Experience Ministry Inc. 10 years ago, we were literally doing everything ourselves. Why? I'm glad you asked! Because we didn't want to have to deal with people trying to do things their way. We had a certain way we wanted things to be done. But as we started getting more and more youth we realize that we couldn't handle it alone...

Over 30 volunteers later we are glad, ecstatic, super stoked that we made that transition from not trusting to actually sliding ALL THE WAY BACK. You know, just letting our volunteers utilize their gifts to make things happen.

To "FISH" for volunteers may require a different type of bait from the bait that we use to go after youth. Our volunteers are attracted to the family feel of the ministry. But most volunteering roles require specific skills. And it is up to us to take those skills and put them in an attractive package.

For example:

Greeting and welcoming event attendees at the door seems like a role anyone can do, right? However it actually requires a lot of emotional intelligence and extrovert qualities. If you match the right volunteer to your volunteering needs, the flood gates open up! But to attract those volunteers to this specific role our bait will need to match those skill sets. Once you tell an extrovert that they will have an opportunity to talk all day to people, you have peeked their interest.

Make sure that the volunteers are clear on what is expected of them for specific roles. Remember you are not trying to just fill a spot with a warm body. You are actually looking for somebody that will bring to the table what your students need. But get this... it could be a 70 year old!

By carefully praying, you must be open to bringing in the best people for the job, regardless of what stage they maybe in along their life journey. Who says a Youth Minister or Leader has to be young?

When you allow volunteers to shine in their gift your result will be great Student Ministries!

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