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Of course "back in the day" this was NOT as big of an issue as it is now. Our parents made EVERYBODY get up and go to church! And we did.

The times have changed. It is now a challenge to get our kids up and out without attitudes or arguement.

Keeping teens engaged in church can be challenging, but don’t worry—we’ve got some great tips to help your teen stay connected and excited about their faith journey. It involves you too!😀

1. Get Involved Together

Participate in church activities as a family. Your involvement and enthusiasm can set a powerful example and show your teen that church is a family affair. Attend services, volunteer, and join in on events together. When they see you actively participating, they'll understand the importance of making church a priority.

2. Encourage Friendships

Help your teen build friendships with other kids at church. Friendships can turn church into a place they look forward to attending. Arrange get-togethers with other church families or encourage your teen to join youth groups or Bible study sessions. When they have friends to connect with, church becomes a fun and social environment.

3. Make It Fun

Support and participate in creative and fun church activities. Whether it’s youth group game nights, music events, or arts projects, fun activities can make church a highlight of their week. Encourage their involvement in events that interest them, and don't hesitate to suggest new ideas to your church leaders that might appeal to the youth.

4. Discuss Faith at Home

Keep the conversation about faith alive at home. Talk about the lessons from church, share your own experiences, and listen to their thoughts and questions. Making faith a part of everyday life helps it feel more relevant and personal. Use this time to bond and grow together spiritually, creating an open environment where your teen feels comfortable sharing their faith journey.

5. Be a Role Model

Show your teen what it means to live a faithful life. Your actions and attitudes towards church and faith can inspire them more than words alone. Let them see your commitment and passion. Being a great example is crucial—your teen will learn to value their faith by watching you live out yours authentically and joyfully. Demonstrate love, patience, and dedication in your spiritual practices, and they'll be more likely to follow suit.

Why Your Example Matters

As parents, your influence is immense. Teens are observant and often mimic the behaviors they see at home. By being actively involved and showing genuine enthusiasm for church and faith, you lay a foundation for your teen to do the same. Your example teaches them that faith isn't just about attending church but living a life guided by spiritual values.

6 Things to Do at Home with Your Teen To Prepare Their Hearts For Church

  1. Family Devotionals: Set aside time each week for a family devotional. Read scripture together, discuss its meaning, and pray as a family. This creates a routine of spiritual growth and reflection.

  2. Faith-Based Movies and Books: Watch faith-based movies or read Christian books together. Discuss the themes and how they relate to your own lives and beliefs.

  3. Service Projects: Plan and participate in service projects as a family. Whether it's helping at a local shelter, participating in a food drive, or cleaning up a park, serving others together strengthens faith and community bonds.

  4. Prayer Time: Establish a regular family prayer time. Encourage each family member to share their prayer requests and pray for one another. This builds a strong spiritual connection within the family.

  5. Music and Worship: Enjoy faith-based music together. Create a playlist of worship songs and have a family worship night where you sing and praise together. Music can be a powerful way to connect with faith.

  6. Faith Discussions: Encourage open discussions about faith, doubts, and questions. Create a safe space where your teen feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings about their spiritual journey.

  7. Creative Arts Ministry: Make sure your teen is involved in a Creative Arts Ministry. Whether it’s drama, dance, music, or visual arts, participating in creative arts can help them express their faith in unique and meaningful ways. Encourage them to join or even start creative projects within the church.😍


By getting involved together, encouraging friendships, making church fun, discussing faith at home, being a role model, and incorporating these 7 at-home activities, you can help keep your teen engaged and enthusiastic about their spiritual journey. Let’s work together to make church a place where our teens can grow, learn, and thrive.

Together, we can build a strong, faith-filled family community.

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