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Let's Go Fishing

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The fishing analogy comes from my experiences fishing with my grandfather many years as a child up until my brother passed it was the two of us and my grandfather on the vast water in our motorized boat.

That saying "the early bird gets the worm" had to come from my grandfather! Because we would get up even before "the crack of dawn" if that was such a thing. Now as an adult I have realized that those trips yielded way more than just dinner, but lessons that I will use many years later to usher youth into the kingdom of GOD!


Two things I learned on those fishing trips:




Bait has to be tailored for the particular "FISH" we are trying to catch. Meaning if we were trying to catch trout we baited with worms, if we were catching crabs we baited with chicken necks.

Later in my life I was able to apply this analogy to following the scripture Matt. 4:19 when Jesus was walking by the sea, saw fishermen out and told them to throw down their nets and come follow him. He told them that he would teach them how to fish for men. This has become the motto scripture for our ministry the EXPERIENCE.

You see my mission my purpose is to be that voice in the wilderness for our young people. In order to bring young people into the the kingdom you must have the correct bait. My mission is to make sure that whatever I use it glorifies GOD 1st and 2nd it's appealing and APPETIZING to youth only. By doing this it has afforded me the opportunity to appeal to the youth long enough to get them to bite the bait, get hooked and get into the boat. No matter how much they fight to get off the hook, they have tasted the bait and gotten pulled into the boat. Now through the WORD their souls will be cleansed and they now become bait for others to get into the boat and follow JESUS.

This analogy has proven to be successful as we have brought several youth to Christ throughout the state of GA.and NC. Utilizing the bait of Creative Arts. the EXPERIENCE was designed as bait to fish for other youth who are gifted in the Creative Arts. The bait is the team as they go out to minister it is their thought process that they are "fishing for men" Matt. 4:19. Once the youth come up and say "I want to do this, how do I become a part of this" they are now on the hook. Once they join the team they are now in the boat!

My business is SERVING YOUTH. So yes you may see me in a pulpit in jeans and a t-shirt with a fishing vest or a fishing rod. Just know that I am on a mission and that mission is to go fishing!


FISHING EXPEDITION "the EXPERIENCE" showcase at Historic Springfeild Baptist Church

Join us next week for Part 2 of Let's Go fishing (Patience) Stay BLESSED!

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