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No questions asked, teens are a hard catch!

3 Tips That Are Proven To Capture Teens In Youth Ministry

All kids, regardless of the labels that have been given to them by sometimes inpatient adults, still want someone to connect with them regardless of the label. It takes patience and consistency to be able to form this connection. Below are some basic skills/tips a youth worker should have to forge this type of relationship with the teen.

1) Finding a common interest will help you to build a trusting and safe haven for the teen to share their issues. Before you try to give any advice or help, learn what they like to do. Learn what TV shows they like or their type of music.

Note: Because often parents are looking for quick fixes when it comes to issues with their teen, they (parents) need to know that the process of helping takes time and dedication from both sides.

2) Listening is a major step in communication. Most teens feel awkward about discussing their issues with adults. However, if the adult allows them to express themselves it becomes a sort of sounding board for them to share their concerns and struggles. This one action can foster a trusting relationship. Remember you are NOT trying to become their best friend but to just provide a safe space for them to express themselves.

3) Keep it real, be honest Teens are surrounded by enough people who just tell them what they want to hear. Don't be afraid, to be honest. Teens also don't expect you to agree with everything they say, so share honest feedback when the time is right. Just give them a chance to trust you and feel comfortable around you.

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