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I"m Going Back To My Flip Phone, bridging the gap!

The youngest of kids can maneuver any digital device you could ever think of. Quite often I've been around people of the older generation, which I am fastly approaching myself and heard their frustration directed towards their Cell Phones, Smart TVs or any other technical device of this age.

A great way to bridge the gap between the youth and the older generation of your church is to have what I call a "Teach me how to text" day! This involves pairing up a young person with an older person and having them go through the mechanics of the cell phones.

It provides several valuable lessons:

  • It allows the youth to feel needed. So often they are made to feel that they don't know anything due to their age. I call it the David complex, Jesse brought all of his older sons up to Samuel to be anointed King except the youngest one, David. And David was the one that God chose.

  • It teaches our youth about serving

  • It helps our seniors with cell phone usage and their frustration with technology.

  • It serves as a type of mentorship between the elderly and the younger generation.

I can go on and on about the benefits! This is a way to involve your youth and get your elderly involved with them instead of pushing the generations further apart it brings them closer together!


Noticed numbers dropping in your Student Ministries? Need a boost to get them back up? I have some ideas that have worked for me and I believe that they will work for you! Book me to come in and train your youth leaders. You won't regret it.

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