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Have You Built Your Aquarium?

When "FISHING" for youth we want to make sure that we have our Student Ministries setup and ready to receive the eager students! Student Ministries is parallel to our Fish Aquariums. An Aquarium is a safe and inviting place for Fish, that you have to take care of daily.

Just as you will take care of your Aquarium/fish, we as youth leaders have to nurture and take care of our Student Ministries.

Not having an adequate Student Ministries is like "Fishing" with a net with holes in it.

The Net serves as the catch all for the fish, the hole allows them to get away. Our Student Ministries serves as the catch all for our youth/young adults. If the structures of the Student Ministries are not in tack, when the Students come, they will not stay nor come back.

The "FISH" aquarium requires testing for several minerals and ph balance. Among the levels tested are: Ammonia, Nitrate and the Hardness or Softness of water. Just as we have to test our Aquariums we must also test our Student Ministries to ensure that:

  1. We are meeting goals

  2. We are making breakthroughs

Some ways to test for the above items will be:

  1. Measure Success in Youth Ministry With Baptisms

  2. Measure the Longevity of Excitement

  3. Measure Success in Youth Ministry With Event Attendance.

Today's Students will definitely let you know if your Aquarium is safe and energizing enough for them to thrive in. As youth leaders it is our job to catch their attention with the WORD and ensure that they are safe and secure in the Aquarium

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