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COVID19 Got You Shut Down Again?

Just when we thought it was "safe to go back into the water". Here comes the Omicron strain.

But just because your church has shut down does not mean that your youth ministry has to do the same!

Virtual is the new in-person church. Youth absolutely love technology so why not include that for your weekly Bible study time?

We may be the only constant thing in their lives at this moment with the uncertainty of the COVID19 and its different strains. Holding your weekly Bible study may be the ticket to keep them connected and you on track.

Here are some apps to use to hold your virtual Bible studies



Cisco Webex

We use Zoom because it allows up to 100 people and 40mins for meeting times with its free basic package.

Please see below a sample agenda for a virtual youth meeting. You may tweak it to fit your needs. But the idea is to remain energetic and short.

For the game part, we have a suggestion called Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

This is currently the most common way to engage your students on Zoom while getting them up and moving.

Pick a random list of things, and then whenever they arrive at Zoom, ask them to go and get each item (one at a time) and see who gets back with it first. Easy peasy. Check back here for more ideas when going virtual!

Share this post with other youth leaders and let's make a difference in this world!

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